Favorable Environment for Selling Your Budapest Apartment – Especially with a Little Help
April 9th, 2018

Now it's worth selling second-hand apartments, as there is a favorable environment on the market for them. There are several reasons why the second-hand housing market in Budapest is once again in a good position, such as location, status, value for money, transportation options, housing size, or the number of rooms, etc.

A Favorable Environment for Homeowners

Over the past year (years) there was a clear boom in new housing market, many investments in Budapest have been completed, were in progress or are currently under construction. But despite the high volume of new projects, more and more people are looking for second-hand homes.There is, of course, a difference in the housing market among those homes that are in good condition and those that are to be refurbished – but it cannot find the buyer as a surprise, and people can calculate these extra costs in the price.

The market is generally characterized by high demand (both for used and new homes), so apartments for sale in Budapest often wait months to find their new owner, the process can now be significantly accelerated if an experienced real estate agent is also involved in the selling of the apartment.

Trust in Real Estate Brokers Increases

The real estate agencies have information, backgrounds, experience and knowledge from which the seller of the apartment can benefit greatly. The first consideration is the pricing of property, and those who deal with it on a professional basis have significant experience in it. It does matter whether we sell the property at a price below, above, or at an appropriate level - as this may cause a less favorable or a much longer sales transaction. Selling time is the second important aspect, which is therefore closely linked to good pricing.

According to surveys and feedbacks, among the owners who involve real estate agents into selling their homes, 80 percent of the homes are sold in a way that meets expectations, while among those who decide on selling their apartments without the help of a real estate agent this measure is only 60-66 percent.

Therefore, it may be worthwhile to find an experienced real estate agent in Budapest, since with a minimum investment we can not only save time but also generate significant amounts of money on the sale of our home.

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