More than 10 thousand real estate sold in 1 month
September 28th, 2015

The number of transactions on the real estate market was the lowest in August considering the last six months, although the last month of the summer still delivered impressing numbers.

According to experts the slight relapse of the market is only seasonal – Duna House confirms this based on their own data.

Overall there were more than 11 thousand transactions in August, while in earlier months this number was around 12 thousand. This is however much better – and a much more moderate setback – than it was a year earlier when transaction numbers dropped by 23 percent in the same month. And two years ago the market was in a much worse shape with only 7000 estates sold.

Duna House says that in the first 8 months the number of transactions have passed 92 thousand, which is already a higher number than the total of most years since the crisis. Last year this period only 64 thousand transactions took place, which means traffic on the market was 44 lower.

According to the real estate agent network panels were sold for 134 000 Forints per square meter while brick-built houses were sold for 165 000 in the Eastern part of the country.

In Western Hungary panels were sold for 142 000 Ft/m2 and brick-built houses for 212 000 Ft/m2. In the capital however brick built houses were almost twice as much expensive than in the countryside.

The portion of investors remained high in the capital, according to results published by Duna House 45 percent of respondent said that they were buying estates for investment purposes.