Budapest as the Host City for the Olympic Games: Maybe Not Just a Dream Anymore
December 13th, 2014

The Agenda2020 conception accepted by the International Olympic Committee provides an opportunity for smaller capital cities to be able to organize the Olympic Games. Implementing the conception capital cities with a population of 2-4 million could organize one of the most important sports events of the world cost-efficiently.

Cost-Efficient Solutions Instead of Big Parades

Thanks to this conception Budapest also gets a chance to be able to get the right to organize the Olympic Games in 2024 or later. The Agenda2020 focuses on cost-efficiency instead of creating a big parade of the event. Another aim of the conception is to eliminate the corruption from the election process.

Usage of Existing Facilities is Supported

The International Olympic Committee supports the idea of using existing and temporary sports facilities as home for Olympic Games events. During the host city election social, environmental and economic sustainability will be the most important factor, and the contracts will be made transparent.

A Lot of Sport Facilities Were and Are Built in Budapest

The feasibility study made upon the request of Bringing the Olympic Games to Budapest Movement (BOM) in 2006 should be actualized according to the opinion of the association, since several developments have been realized since – and are about to be realized – that could increase the Hungarian capital’s chance to become a host city for the Olympic Games. These developments include the metro line no. 4; the extension of Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport; the new Ferenc Puskás Stadium, the future home for the UEFA Euro 2020; and the new swimming pool complex, the future home for the 2021 World Aquatics Championships.