More than 100 Thousand Apartments Can be Sold by the End of the Year
December 5th, 2014

According to the expectations Hungarian property market can pass the dream barrier of 100 thousand by the end of the year, since in November 2014 a remarkable number – 10434 – of apartments were sold again. According to the data of real estate agency Duna House much more apartments were sold in this November compared to the result – 7 thousand sold apartments – of last year’s same period.

96 Thousand Apartments Have Been Sold This Year

Although a seasonal decrease was shown after October, and fewer buyers are expected in December than in fall, it’s a fact that compared to the past few years, Hungarian property market is still quite busy just a few weeks before Christmas. Adding November results a total of 96 thousand apartments have been sold this year; more than in any of the past 5 years: for example, in last year’s first 11 months only 78 thousand apartments were sold.

7-8 Thousand Transactions Are Expected for December

7-8 thousand transactions are expected for December 2014, which means the number of sold apartments can go up to 104 thousand, passing the “dream barrier” of 100 thousand. Some apartment owners who were waiting for the prices to rise in the past few years, finally made up their minds and sold their properties – and the buyers became more likely to apply for a loan again when buying an apartment.