How to Prevent Break-Ins in 3 Steps
September 29th, 2014

Every tenant and apartment owner is afraid of break-ins, although sometimes it’s enough to pay attention to some simple things to prevent the trouble.


It’s important to take into account that burglars also work when we are at home.

Some of them try to break in when we are asleep. 

That’s why we have to pay attention to the things below before we go to bed.


Always Lock Every Door

Even if there’s no exterior handle on the door, it’s not enough to close it: lock it every time.

If there are multiple locks on the door, lock each one, since the more locks you have, the harder it is for the burglars to get in.

But it is also important to lock the door of the house as well, and not let any strangers in.


Don’t Leave the Windows Open

If you live on the ground floor or the 1st floor, it’s dangerous to leave the windows or the balcony door open during the night or if you’re not at home.

And if it is possible to crawl into the apartment somehow, those living at higher floors can also be in danger.


Alarms, Bars, Shutters

If there are bars on the door, don’t leave them open, and don’t forget to set the alarm either.

Closed shutters are useful for keeping not only sunlight but burglars out as well, especially if you live at the ground floor.


Sometimes it’s enough to change our ways a bit, and we can keep ourselves and our values safe.