​A HUF 13 Billion Hospital Is to Be Built in Budapest
September 11th, 2014

A new private clinic is to be built at the banks of the River Danube. The construction is expected to cost EUR 40 million (almost HUF 13 billion). According to the plans the construction of the medical institute called Duna Medical Center (DMC) will be finished by the beginning of 2015. Erecting the 25 thousand square-meter property costs HUF 12.7 billion.

The Clinic Is to Be Opened in 2016
The hospital will provide jobs for 600 health professionals. The doctors’ office is to be opened at the beginning of 2015 and the hospital in the middle of 2016. A hotel also will be opened in the future building complex, where the relatives and the patients can stay before and after the treatment. The hospital is to be located at the banks of River Danube, thus the amazing view is guaranteed. Besides the hospital and the hotel the building will also be home for a restaurant, stores and other similar facilities.

Medical Tourism Is Expected to Rise
The founder of the private clinic is International Medical Centers B.V. headquartered in the Netherlands, and the costs of the construction will be covered by businessman Igor Yankovsky and former Euromedic International B.V. director Joseph Priel. The clinic will be built by reconstructing the remains of a concrete building that has been standing empty for years. The main purpose of the future hospital will be providing a high quality health care for Hungarian residents, but the founder and the investors also expect the medical tourism to rise.